Excellent deal, I would recommend to anyone with an old/busted laptop. I received payment promptly through paypal, Thanks!!

Jesse C.   (Lakeville, CT)

Better price – fast service – good deal !!

Sriramman K.   (Austin, TX)

MyLaptopBroke.com has fast and convenient service. All of my emails to the company were answered within an hour and the free shipping is great as well! This company is much better than previous ones I have found online.

Ashley M.   (Long Beach, CA)

Great fast service thank you very much

Becky C.   (Rancho, TX)

Service was great! they keep you well informed on what is taking place, and you dont get that b/s like you do with their competitors. Will definitely use in the future if i have any unwanted electronics.

Clifford A.   (Shreveport, LA)

Thank you for your service! My laptop was just collecting dust and I had no use for it. I will definitely recommend you guys!

Jamie K.   (Madison, WI)

I love your paypal payment option. I received the funds immediately. Thanks!

George L.   (Richmond, VA)

Apple store quoted me more in repairs than the value of my laptop. You guys came to the rescue. I don’t know how you do it, but this is a great service.

Christy A.   (Irvine, CA)

You’re wasting your time with anyone else. Fair, honest, and as promised. 3 Time returning customer here.

Bill R.   (Bergen, NJ)


My laptop wouldn’t even turn on and I got $100. Thank you sir !!!

Reggie W.   (Waltham, MA)

The kids broke the screen on the laptop and it wasn’t worth fixing. I’m happy once again.

Rita J.   (Somerset, MD)


Get your quote, ship it to them, get your cash! Easy as cake!

Paul M. (Costa Mesa, CA)

Thank you for your outstanding service and for explaining everything.
Jeremy S.   (Aspen Park, CO)

You guys are doing a great thing. E-waste is a serious dilemma that is continuously rising. You definitely have a good thing going.

Robert F.   (Anaheim Hills, CA)


I will pass this service on to others. Thank you.

Mike A. (Baldwin, NY)


I think I’m going to start looking for broken laptops to send to you guys! Cash with no strings attached!  =) !!!!!!!

Allison S.   (New Hyde Park, NY)


Christmas came early this year because of you guys. I just bought my daughter a new netbook with the cash.

Jason B.   (Tampa, FL)

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